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The Points System

Imagine and BTNS use training points in relation to all training services.  Using points provides the following advantages:-

Features and Benefits

  • We can publish the course weight allowing a customer to see how many points they require per course.
  • Course durations/delivery can be adjusted without the need to follow order management change control.
  • Packs of points can be ordered allowing discounts to spread across multiple courses.
  • Unused points can be carried forward to other courses..
  • It simplifies the part number system.

Training Points

Premium Points

The primary currency for training services.  Sold in units of 1.

Imagine Part Number Description
ACM-PTU001 1 Premium Training Unit

Point Utilisation Form

Prior to the delivery of any training BTNS will issue a form which details the services being delivered, referencing any prerequisites needed to deliver the course.  Included on the form will be the number of training points utilised, which order/s these points will be allocated against and any remaining points after the delivery of the courses.  The customer will be required to digitally sign and return the form as agreement to the services being provided.

Academy Courses

The number of points required for an Academy course are:-

[course weight = 1 for delivery at Imagine Office, 1.5 for delivery at customer location] x [no. days] x [no. of participants*]

*= For onsite courses a minimum of 4 participants must be allocated to the course. NB: if the prerequisite number of participants cannot be met by the customer they will still be charged as though 4 participants attended. 6 participants is normally the maximum number we can support on a single course session before another session will need to be booked.

e.g. if you require 5 participants attending a 3 day Versio Essentials course at the customer's office the calculation would be:-
1.5 (the onsite course weight) x 3 (days) x 5 (participants) = 22.5 points
In this example you will need to round down, making the number of points required 22.

NB: The number of people attending the same session can further reduce the number of points required. This only comes into effect if there are 5 or more participants attending the same session. To review this additional discount please contract BTNS or your Imagine Account Manager.


The number of points required for Workshop course are:-

[course weight] x [no. days] + [1 point for each day if the participant count is greater than 5]

e.g. If you require a 2 day SDNO workshop (which has a weight of 4 points) with 7 participants the calculation would be:-

4 x 2 (days) + 4 (1 extra point because of more than 5 participants x 4 days) = 12 points

Other Part Codes

When delivering course(s) on site there will be an additional charge for trainer(s) travel, expenses and shipping of any equipment. The variable price part codes shown below will be used depending on the location of a course(s)

Imagine Part Number Description
ACM-TRA Trainer Travel Costs
ACM-EXP Trainer Expenses
ACM-SHP Academy Training Kit Shipping Costs

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