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Workshop Courses

Basic Training, Imagine Trainer

Workshop Summary

Learn the Imagine Communications product via a session with an Imagine Trainer. Review and discuss the product features and key items 


A workshop is commonly delivered in the classroom on the customer site, with the Imagine Communications product local to the classroom.  This will aid in delivery of the training. 

A workshop can also be delivered at an Imagine Communications Office. But there is no guarantees that those attending will have access to the product they are learning on.

Those attending a workshop will have a set of Power Points and an Imagine Trainer who is verbally delivering the key features and items that need to be understood. There are no course notes in a workshop session, nor is there access to course material via the MyImagine Academy LMS.


A workshop provides no level of certification for achievement, other than a certificate of attendance.

Training Materials

There are no training materials for a workshop, except for the accompanying Power Points.  

Discounts & Students

It may be possible to obtain a discount on a workshop, review with your local representative for details. A workshop can host up to 8 students depending on location.  

Featues and Benefits

  • A lite version of the training can be obtained via a Workshop. 
  • Can be delivered locally to the end user

Workshops and Academies

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