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On Site Training

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On Site Training

Training can be delivered locally on your site. However there are a number of pre requisites that need to be meet in order for the training to be delivered.

Pre Requisites

  • It is expected that the client will provide, as a minimum, adequate classroom space and power outlets to host the training delegates, trainer and portable training equipment.
  • Each desk space for the delegate should be able to host one laptop and notepads.
  • This classroom cannot be located off site from the customers Imagine Communications installation **
  • The classroom needs to be located on the customer site that hosts the Imagine Communications product installation. As it will be required for the portable training system to interface with the client’s new installation. ***
  • The classroom should be free from office, MCR or play out suite foot traffic and additional noise. To enable the training delegates to concentrate on the course being delivered. The classroom ideally needs to have a whiteboard and wall space to project Academy power points and videos.
  • All Academy courses are delivered in English, both verbally and the written word. If the students do not understand English, it is the responsibility of the client to provide an interpreter for the duration of the Academy cours

**Exceptional cases in which this cannot be achieved will be reviewed.

***See the Interconnectivity.

Portable Training Kit

The portable training Equipment is designed to attach to an existing customer system to provide pre-configured workstations for the students with all the training set ups lready done.

Full details and specifications for the portable training kit can be downloaded from this page.


The Imagine Communications Academy portable training unit has the ability to connect to the clients Imagine Communications product installation.

However the portable training equipment will only be connected to the clients systems if we are connecting to the following;

  • A new product installation that is not yet live.
  • A test product system hosted by the client.

The connection from client’s installation to the portable training equipment is achieved via a Wi-Fi Router or Wired Switch.

It is expected that the client’s network manager or nominated engineer to provide IP address range for the portable training equipment before the training course is scheduled to start. This will avoid delays and possible network issues.

Internet Access

If you are hosting an Academy course on your site it is essential that you provide a wireless internet connection enabling the tutor and delegates to access the Imagine Communications Academy E Learning Website. http://imaginecommunications-academy.com/ Through this portal the delegates can access extra training content. Delegates will take Academy exams via this portal.


If you have any questions regarding the training center please contact us.