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Hands On, Certifications, Long Term Benefits

Academy Summary

Academy Training is a high quality certification training program.


An Academy course can be delivered at an Imagine Communications regional office. Or on site at the client location, pending that the equipment used for training is not in production. With an Academy course a fully qualified Academy trainer will be your tutor during the course and after the classroom sessions have completed.


Once you have completed an Academy you will be awarded a recognized certification for your product. There are 3 levels to achieve - Associate, Professional and Expert. In addition to this certification you will be awarded a Digital Badge reflecting your achievement. Share this Badge and earn more as you progress through the Academies.

Badges and Certifications are awarded on completion of an Academy course assessment.


All Academy course provide practical hands on exercises throughout. Enabling students to gain confidence in the products being deployed on their platforms. Each student will have access to their own laptop during the course to run VM environments and Imagine communications software.

Training Materials

Before, During and After the Classroom sessions, students will be able to access the Academy online content. Content libraries will host course notes, quick reference cards, power points, video and interactive material linked to the product students are learning about. Access to the training materials is on going for 12 months + after the classroom sessions if you pass the Academy assessments.

Discounts & Students

It may be possible to obtain a discount on an Academy course, review with your local representative for details. An Academy course can host between 6 & 8 students depending on location.

Featues and Benefits

  • Dedicated training equipment that fully emulates a live environment.
  • Skilled trainers with decades of broadcast/IT experience.
  • Full course notes designed for specific courses.
  • 18 - 24 months free subscription to our exclusive Academy E-Learning site.

Workshops and Academies

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