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MyImagine Academy

Provided training to 30+ global companies,700+ students world wide

Our mission is to teach the skills and knowledge that engages course participants and empowers them to be at peak efficiency in the management/operation of Imagine Communications solutions/platforms.

Our Services

We have the training services to meet your demands.

  • Essential

    Certified Course
    Essential training is a high quality certification training program delivered by our qualified trainers. All Academy course provide practical hands on excercises throughout. Enabling students to gain confidence in the products being deployed on their platforms. Before, During and After the Classroom sessions, students will be able to access the Academy online content.
  • Workshops


    Workshops provide a basic training program delivered by our trainers. A workshop should be considered when an Academy is available. The workshop will consist of a set of classroom sessions with the trainer and accompanied with training course power points. There is no guarantee of access to training equipment, nor is there access to Academy LMS post the training course.

  • Fundamentals

    An Interactive Fundamentals course provides an Asynchronous learning platform. Learning at your own pace you can learn the product basics before you embark upon a full Academy course.

  • Locations

    Local or Imagine?

    Training can be delivered either at the Academy trainining centre in London. Or we can deliver the training course at the local customer site, prerequistes pending.

The Team

Meet the BTNS Academy Team

Chris Adams

Director & Trainer

Based - UK, Key Prodcuts - Automation ADC & D-Series

James Rivers

Director and Trainer

Based - UK, Key Prodcuts - Automation Plus integrated playout - Versio

Greg Wynter

NA Director & Trainer

Based - Ontario Canada, Key products - SNP, SDNO & EPIC ......


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